Middletown Luxury Services Inc.

Middletown Luxury Services, Inc. was founded in 2009 to make medical transportation reliable, prompt, and convenient for Orange County's Medical / Medicaid individuals. We are exclusively Licensed by the Middletown City Medical Medallion Taxi in the Orange County Region ( Monticello, Ellenville, Newburgh and Monroe, etc...) to provide all Medical / Medicaid transportation services for Individuals. Our fleet consists of Luxury Mini-Vans, which are 7 seaters, have lots of room, extremely comfortable seating and ride. We provide door to door service for our passengers. Our proven perspectives and transportation expertise relieve our passengers of any worries of missing their medical appointments.

Mission Statement

We make a strong commitment to our passengers and clients, and are known for our responsiveness, promptness and reliability. We are committed to serving our passengers, in an atmosphere of respect and trust. We value community and the opportunity to participate to improve individual lives.